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Code is not the only thing we care about.

Of course, train hard.

Everyday, everyone shows up. We learn, build, teach, discuss, and make progress on the software side of things.

We keep the learning intense.

We care utmost about it.

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Make friends

Internally, we say this often - Skills are the second best thing students will develop here. The best will be friendships.

These friends, later in life, can be your co-founders, co-workers, at the least they will form the core of your professional network.

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We do things that everyone wants to - play sports, run, sweat, meditate, exercise, yoga. You know, healthy things.

Every goal/run you score is a shipped project. Lead an active lifestyle.

After hours

Every week we do an evening session on topics that we think will help you in the future. 101s and workshops on Personal finance, Marketing, Sales, Critical thinking, Product Management, Public speaking and other topics.

Interactions with industry experts.

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Activities & Community

We do it all - bonfires, treks, evening movie/screencasts, hackathons, gaming nights!

Experience living away from cities and closer to nature in a community.

Become a Great Software Developer. And, Don’t be Boring.